Poker was first played in the Sixteenth century by German gamblers, and it was known as “Pochen.” Years later, the French made their game version and named it “Poque.” 

As centuries passed, newer variations of Poker were developed. The most popular was stud poker, where players drew cards to improve their hands. Today, there are over a hundred variations of Poker games that you can find in casinos, online or offline. You can play a variety of poker games at Tonybet

The Pack

The Pack

Poker games are played with the standard 52-card pack. An extra joker or two is often added to the pack. Today, there is a much better deal of 52 cards of contrasting colors for players to make the game more exciting and fast.

In Casino house, players can ask for a new card whenever they feel like it. The introduction of new cards sees both previous packs replaced. The seal of the new cards is broken and unwrapped for players to see.

Card Values And Score In Poker

There are wide varieties of Poker. The golden rule is to understand the math of poker card values and the principles of betting. Once a player does, he can easily play any Poker variation.

A hand comprises five cards in a standard poker game (except for a few variations). For example, the lowest hand in Poker is “No Pair,” while the highest hand is the “five of a kind, ” all containing five cards each.

The 5 Best Highest Poker Hands 

 Best Highest Poker Hands

Five of a Kind: The five of a kind is the highest winning hands in a poker game. Five of a kind usually have a wild card combination. In games where you have a wild card and four deuces, you have “five of a kind.” Another example of five of a kind is when you have a queen and three wild cards, 

Straight Flush: This is the next highest winning hands after the five of a kind. In a straight flush, no wild cards are dealt with the standard pack. A straight flush is when you have a linear sequence of five similar cards. For instance, you have a straight flush with 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 hearts. The highest straight flush hands are 10 of one suit, and an A, K, J, Q combination is the Royal flush. 

Four of a Kind: After the straight flush hands, four of a Kind comes next. On this hand, you only need four similar cards without regard to the fifth. So, for instance, when you have four aces or four threes, you have four of a Kind.

Full House: When you have three cards of a rank and a pair of another rank, you have a Full House. For instance, three 6s and two 4s are a full house.

Flush – When you have five cards of the same suit, you have a flush, no matter their sequence.


Every Casino has a section dedicated to poker games. Poker is played for money, pennies, or even thousands of dollars. To win a poker game, you’d need an insane amount of luck and some skills. You will also have to understand the right combination of cards to win.

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