How to make greyhound betting predictions?


In order to try to win greyhound bets we need to follow a series of recommendations that will help us when making any prediction.

Track characteristics and conditions

It is usual that several greyhound races take place in a row with a time margin of no more than 15 minutes between them. Therefore, it is important to follow these races and see first hand what the track is like or if there are any patterns that affect the greyhounds’ performance, for example, rain will favour the dogs on the outside lanes, while cold weather will favour the dogs on the inside lanes.

Specialisation on a few tracks


There can be more than 100 greyhound races held around the world every day, so trying to bet on all of them to cover as many as possible is a mistake. As in other sports, the best thing to do is to specialise in certain tracks and become an expert who knows each section and the possible behaviour of the greyhounds in any situation.

Adapt to age and gender

A greyhound’s prime physical years are between 4 and 6 years of age, so from this age onwards they start to become slower due to age, of course. It should also be taken into account that bitches withdraw from racing while they are nursing, however, when they return they tend to be faster due to hormonal changes in their bodies.

The importance of mastering statistics

This factor is common to any sports betting, as it is essential that we have a base of knowledge and statistics about the sport we are going to bet on, in order to try to anticipate possible results and improve our forecasts.

How to analyse the results of greyhound racing?

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Analysing the results of the greyhound races already held will help us to elaborate a statistical report where we will be able to discover and check all kinds of patterns. It will be from this information that we will be able to establish the conditions that have to be given for a certain greyhound to offer its best performance and to be closer to win or to be in a certain position, which will have a direct impact on our type of bet.

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