The best-known Chinese symbols of good luck

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Chinese symbols of good luck stem from the most deeply rooted traditions of this Eastern country. In the field of gambling, participants can surround themselves with these elements to increase their luck.

The number eight

This number is considered the Chinese symbol of fortune and luck. The more eights you have, the better you can do in life. For example, if you want to try your luck in some online slots, according to Chinese superstition, you will do better if you do it on the eight of August. 

Such is the passion that this number arouses that some objects related to the eight become much more valuable. For example, a house with eight rooms, a car with many eights on the number plate, etc.

The colour red

This colour is a symbol of good luck in many cultures, for example, if you don’t wear something red on New Year’s Eve, it is said that it will not be a good year. In China, red is not only the colour of the Chinese flag, but also symbolises power and wealth. Together with black, those who want to be lucky in the game should not forget to wear both colours when they go to play a game.

Maybe it’s your lucky colour for online roulette?

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The lucky cat

Who doesn’t know the plastic or porcelain cat that moves its arm? Typical of Chinese bazaars, it is considered the Chinese symbol of luck par excellence. Curiously, cats in Chinese mythology are animals that bring bad omens, with the exception of those with golden fur. For this reason, the figures found in bazaars are always of this colour.


In China it is very common to give coins to friends and family as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. We are not referring to ordinary coins, but to specially designed coins. Those with a square in the centre symbolise the earth, while the roundness of the coin signifies the sky.

There are different types and various meanings. In any case, it is interesting to have some of them in your pocket when playing. That is to say, it is not enough to possess them and keep them in a drawer. They even acquire meaning depending on the number you have.

For example, if you have three of them, you avoid problems of infidelity with your partner. Two coins bring luck at a business level and four, that the family stays together. If you are a gambler, Chinese tradition indicates that you should have seven of these coins near you during games. The same sources recommend never to put four of them together, as it can bring the opposite: bad luck.

The dragon

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The dragon is so important in Chinese culture that it has a whole year dedicated to it. Going a little further, in the oriental country this animal is considered a deity that transmits positive energy, fortune and wisdom to people.

A Chinese dragon is automatically a symbol of a good prognosis. In online games, T-shirts and other clothing printed with this animal can bring a lot of luck to their owners, or at least that is what the tradition says.

In short, any help is little help when it comes to participating in online games. Eastern culture suggests that we approach certain Chinese symbols of good luck and incorporate them into our strategy. There is nothing to lose by trying.

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