Betting live during a Tennis Deuce


Live tennis betting is especially popular in this sport, as there are several tournaments taking place almost every day, so we always have matches to bet on.

Regarding the deuce, betting live is an excellent option, since there is a certain component of uncertainty while it is being played, so it is key to know what is happening in real time, since at any moment a tennis player can save the decisive point, come back and turn the game around.

This is why many bookmakers offer live streaming services for these types of events.

What is a Deuce in Tennis?

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A deuce in tennis occurs when both players are tied at 40 in a game. At that point, it is not enough to win one point, but must win 2 in a row, first getting the “advantage” and finally breaking the deuce.

What is the advantage after a Deuce in Tennis?

The advantage in the deuce occurs when a tennis player manages to win the first of the two points he needs to win consecutively to take the game. In other words, when it comes to deuce, a tennis player must win a first point to gain an “advantage” and then must win another point in a row to take the point, because if it is the other player who wins, the advantage is lost and the process starts all over again.

Bets related to Deuce in Tennis

Tennis is a sport that it is advisable to follow live when betting, as bets are usually placed on specific moments, such as the aforementioned deuce or others, since, unlike football, the result can change from one side to the other in a matter of minutes.

In this case, although the deuce provides us with many variants to bet on, we are going to focus on the 3 main ones:

  • Next game goes to deuce
  • The server wins the deuce
  • Win the deuce the receiver wins the deuce

These 3 types of tennis deuce bets should be the priority when you start betting on tennis, beyond betting on more general predictions such as the winner of the match or how many sets a certain player will win.

Next game comes to deuce: This bet refers to the fact that the next game in the match will be resolved by deuce, i.e. that both players will tie at 40, regardless of who manages to win in the end. This type of prediction is very interesting, as it usually offers odds of at least $3.00, even in matches where there is a big difference between the players, and refers to an event that happens quite often in tennis, especially if the inferior player is the one who has the serve in his favour.

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Win the serve on deuce: This bet refers to the tennis player who comes in with the serve in his favour will win the deuce, regardless of whether he comes in with an advantage or by coming from behind. In most cases, the tennis player who serves to the deuce usually starts with an advantage and wins the deuce, however, there are many tennis players who specialise in returning, so knowing the players can be the key to this bet.

Win the rest at deuce: This bet refers to the other player, the one who receives the serves against, i.e. the one who subtracts. In most cases it is the player who starts with a disadvantage, but as we have mentioned before, some players have a high level as returners and are able to counteract the “advantage” that the servers start with.

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